Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Shopping Stories

I was in town at the weekend looking at dresses again. I'm getting braver with some of the bigger stores but I prefer the smaller, second hand stores. Not sure why, smaller maybe. Looking through the dresses, the guy behind the till called out "They won't suit you, mate." I didn't have much of a response mainly because I didn't hear him initially. This is the the most negative comment I've had come my way in a while and to be fair it was just a joke but it shook me a little. I still ended up buying a dress (held back until a different assistant was there though). Black with a white collar. A bit Wednesday Addams (which has now started me thinking about a Wednesday crossplay possibly mixed with a Harley Quinn). Had a lot of trouble actually doing the zip up at the back but it looks quite nice.

As I go on, it's suprising me a lot how many clothes have a 'sewn in' kind of feel with a zip or a button you need to open just to get into it. I guess after wearing men's clothes for so many years, I hadn't realised just how easy they are to put on. It shows I'm still learning new things. Sleeve length is another odd one too.

Anyway, there was one more thing I meant to mention which happened at the convention a few weeks ago. I was looking at some dresses at a stall (I was crossplaying at the time I add) when one of the assistants came over and asked if I wanted help with anything and that they had a changing room I could use if I wanted to. It was so wonderful just to be acknowledged that, as a man, I would be interested in not only making a purchase but for myself too.

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