Wednesday, 20 June 2018

June Update

So then after a brief wobble last time, I actually had a really good night a couple of weeks ago when I did a pub quiz. Seriously, I was still smiling the next morning in work and a Monday morning at that so it has to have been really good. I wore a dark blue top with a white Peter Pan collar (which I adore and it fits me so well. Not too tight or too loose) and a lighter blue skirt with a some black tights and my trainers (which always make me feel more at ease anyway).

It wasn't a great night for us in the quiz but I ended up in some interesting conversations especially on the bus back about why I do this. So yes, overall positive.

As for any recent shopping, I bought another dress. I totally didn't mean to though as I have enough already... but I thought I would just try it on...just to see what it looked like...and I loved it. It's black with a small collar with squares and flowers and is a bit Clara Oswald which I suppose it part of why I like it. Rule one - don't fall in love. Oh and there was also a bright red heart necklace.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Shopping Forecast

Here's a mini-update things that may turn into a rant.

I've been getting really frustrated recently with myself for not going out dressed more. It's like I see women in the street now and feel more jealous than I usually do. Sometimes just opening the door is a big step for me and for a while I've wanted to do my Saturday shopping dressed. Part of it I think is because this area is so familiar to me and with London I can keep moving and get lost in a crowd plus there's also the fact that most of my clothes have come from the charity shops round here. I do suffer from chronic indecision and this time my fears got the better of me and I didn't today. In case you were wondering, it was going to be a denim miniskirt (which I'm wearing now) but I do have bright red nails at the moment so a bit of it was there. Nearly went out dressed to a quiz the other week but the dread words 'replacement bus service' made me decide against it. I can just about do the train but not that. Not that I mean all buses but any travel issue will send me reeling.

Only bought a shirt today. A male shirt.  I know, I'm disgusted with myself too.

I'm still looking to buy some new shoes but can't seem to find anything I like. Shoes have never really been a thing for me as I wear trainers a lot but I think in some situations it calls for something a bit smarter just to fit the feminine aesthetic. This is also the reason why I tried to shave off my body hair last week. Now, I did see a nice pair today, shiny black and with chunky heels and they did have a bit of a gothy/alt look about them. I saw them in a charity shop before, tried them on and left it to chance. they disappeared the next week but turned up in another shop. I tried them on again and came close to buying them but I left it to chance again as I'm not sure about the height of the heel. Never worn heels before so of course it felt a bit odd. I'm undecided about them so should they be still there next week I may even get them.

Also nearly bought a jumper from ASDA in the sale which i really liked but it's near the end of the month and while money is not tight I still think I should stop for a bit as I seem to be buying clothes every week. Just last week I bought what I have dubbed 'The Most Impractical Jumper in History' which is green and white striped with bell sleeves and ties on the end. I would still like the other jumper so perhaps if it's still there next week I'll nab it. Oh and I also tried on a pair of light blue boots. Trying now to recall what else I've bought. There was an octopus necklace which looked like a cursed idol from a horror film, a black rose ring and a grey midi pleated skirt. Also, as you know I was looking at mod dresses from Atom Retro and now there's a sale on so...yup back to chronic indecision.


Monday, 7 May 2018

May Update

Well, time does fly and it seems I've missed out any sort of entry for April so I'll endeavor to update a bit on this Bank Holiday Monday while I have some time of from a stressful time at work.

I have bought a number of things over the weeks and in fact nary a week goes by without me picking up something new but it still does give me a lot of pleasure looking round all the clothes shops of a Saturday and picking up something. Two things I've bought recently among some new necklaces a ring and some skirts is a lovely red plaid dress with a black pleather collar (a bit worse for wear unfortunately) and some shorts. Now, ever since I started thinking about getting in to CD proper, I've wanted a pair of denim turn up shorts and love the look they give when paired with black tights. They have some fashionable rips in them which is to be honest not a style I like but I can bear it although some people take it up to stupid levels, walking along the street in jeans with such huge rips and tears in you wonder if they had just been attacked by a wild animal. The shorts are a little big for me but otherwise I'm loving them.

I've had my eye on a dress with a Harry Potter theme recently and I've just taken the plunge and ordered it. Vintage clothes are something I've dipped my toe into especially those from around the mid 20th century, I already own a 1940s style Land Girl dress from Hell Bunny and something else I've been thinking about now is a 1960s mod style dress so I've been eyeing up some of the stuff at Atom Retro. Perhaps paired with some Go Go boots too. I do mean to invest in some more shoes as well. I've been looking around but nothings seems to catch my eye.

I continue to dress quite often, usually when I get home from work as a way of reclaiming myself, but sometimes outside which I still hope to do more of. I have considered putting on a dress to go shopping in but although I can brave London, my local area feels a little too much for now.

Speaking of work, I've often had the fantasy of getting up at the normal time, catching the normal train...and then turning right round and catching the next one back. This started years ago back when I was in college and I used to see the bus home leaving just as I arrived. Now I'm wondering how cool it would be to wear a dress just for this little trip (on a day off obviously) and there are obviously thoughts of whether to get breakfast (this is a very important point). So that's a little fantasy of mine to round off.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Cosplay: Intentional or Otherwise

I haven't done a big convention in a while...and the last few weeks have been no exception however there was a cosplay contest at a quiz I've started doing every few weeks so I brought out my Amy Pond for another spin. Getting changed inside a pub was a challenge but I have become quite a quick change over the past year due to the fact that I always seem to be changing clothes in toilets (mainly in train stations) for various occasions.

Unfortunately I didn't win which left me feeling unusually disappointed. I never expect to win these things as there is usually someone whose costume is so much better and more detailed however despite a good standard I felt I would at least place within the top three. I don't mean to sound like an egotistical prick (despite the fact I'm writing this on my own blog) so please forgive me and I was as shocked as anyone that this actually surprised me. Still, it was a good night and I have some good photos plus I had some people come up to me afterwards and say that I should have won.

Staying with Amy, last week I picked up a nice denim mini skirt perfect for more adventures as Ms Pond - now all I've got to do is pick an outfit out. I did want to do pirate Amy from The Curse of the Black Spot at one time but I think that's the wrong colour skirt.

The same day I also went to try on a  skirt I had my eye on and also a dress I thought was cute. True to form, I ended up buying the dress instead. I really love it and am looking forward to an opportunity to wear it. I did wonder if it was something Clara wore and posited it could have been like the pinafore from the Under the Lake two-parter or the dress from The Name of the Doctor. Turns out it was neither but it certainly looks like something she would wear. There may be something in it after all.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Bum Bags

Here's a little fashion tip for you, it looks like that old Nineties staple the bum bag is going to be making a comeback.

Now in case a few of you are wondering what the hell I'm talking about they were also called Fanny Packs in the US (to the amusement of us here in Blighty) and McDonalds, for some reason, also christened them the Hip Pouch an they used to give them away with Happy Meals. I used to have one back in the day and they were quite useful but after a few years they drifted into the kind of naffness reserved for shell suits and other tat.

Now it appears that they are coming back and with a bit of a twist. Back in the day the bag fitted round the waist but it seems more people are slinging them over their shoulders and wearing them as a cross body bag. An article I saw the other week also renamed them as belt bags. Certainly it seems like a viable alternative when you have little or no pockets (especially in the summer months when you don't have a big coat) and don't need to cart around a large bag. I know from the occasions I've worn dresses out that you need something and I don't like loading up my coat with my wallet, phone etc. I can only imagine what some people cart around especially if you put make-up into the mix.

On set photos from the new series of Doctor Who have also confirmed that Jodie Whittaker will be wearing one in at least one episode.

So if you want to stay in style it seems that a trip back to the Nineties may be in order - and at least you'll know where to put your keys.

Basic black bumbag as featured on

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Other People's Clothes

I was reading one of the Sunday papers the other week and comedian Jenny Eclair, when asked who her style heroes are, answered "young women on the street" and I have to agree with her. The best thing you can do to know what's in and how to wear it is by observing other people. That's not meant to sound/be creepy by the way.

For example, I could tell you that big coats, hats and scarves are in especially this week. Go figure. Well, if I were to go into more details I would say that bobble hats are in often with a big furry ball on top (some have two for that extra Minnie Mouse look). In fact fake fur is in now especially dyed all sorts of bright colours. This winter I've seen lots of coats, many green anoraks with the hood covered in bright fur (often pink or blue). Furry gilets are still in and coats of fur that are many different colours and patterns. I think I did mention this before and I feel that it's Game of Thrones inspired.

I have to also admit that while my interest in Take Me Out has waned over this last series, I still like seeing what outfits the girls wear and there have been some lovely dresses and tops/skirts combos this year. I'm noticing necklaces more these days too. I've also very recently been looking at 60s Mod dresses too. So cute.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

February Update

Wow, it's been quite long since I last updated this. My apologies to anyone still reading.

Well nothing startling has happened during the last couple of months apart from my work situation getting progressively worse and I'm actively considering a change. I also played football for the first time in 20 years (because I'm totally all macho and stuff). I have also been buying some new clothes including a couple of skirts and the absolutely marvellous find of a green and black Ro Rox Boutique dress for £6.99. Really looking forward to wearing all I need is an opportunity.

I did have such an opportunity a few weeks back when I went out for drinks with some friends. First thing that went wrong was that I had recently bought a new pack of tights which weren't as thick as I was expecting and ended up showing that I hadn't shaved my legs that evening. The next thing was that I went and got lost around Chelsea looking for a pub...and wearing the same dress I got lost in a few months ago. There's almost a cap in there somewhere. I seemed to do what I do most times I drink and drag and that's to end up feeling sorry for myself near the end of the night. I feel silly and end up almost cursing myself for not just dressing 'normal' instead and saving myself a lot of trouble.

Not that I get in trouble though because thankfully the other shoe hasn't dropped yet. In fact I'm getting very nice comments on my nails especially from shop staff. That night I also had some lovely compliments especially about the necklace I had on. However my regrets didn't stop me from going out again the next night wearing a denim skirt and pair of purple tights. That got a few looks. Luckily I remembered to shave my legs and some of my arms. Not the best idea during all the cold weather we've been having as I've learnt the past few weeks.

I'm also still experimenting with the nail polish I got for Christmas and I'm hoping to try some eyeshadow I bought soon. Also bought a new bracelet. Oh and today I tried on a few things, white skirt, a dress and some shoes, but didn't come away with anything. I think I may have to resist the dresses for a bit.