Monday, 29 May 2017

May Update #2

A few things from the weekend: I crossplayed at the MCM Expo again, wearing my Star Trek dress and it seemed to go over just as well as it has done previously. I even had someone ask me to pose for some professional shots which was fun. It's always confidence boosting to have people ask you for photos and I had quite a few.  

Today was a Bank Holiday and I was at home so I dressed for the day. My green top with black spots and white collar and a black mini skirt I bought for cosplay. Oh and bright red nails and a heart necklace. Now, I rarely go for a walk in my home town dressed and in the past it's only been when I'm going up to the station but today I walked around the corner to the cornershop to get something to eat. May not sound like anything but I was a bit nervous since it was such a familiar place. Strangers are one thing but people know me round here although I would be prepared to go shopping like this although I'm a little wary for the odd reason that most of my clothes come from the second hand shops in town. In the end I also ended up walking back and forth to the car helping my housemate unload it. 

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